Q: How did Trinity Start?


Lisz: “I was scoping through virtual assistant gigs on Upwork when I came across an ad for a man who needed assistance with his dating app profile. Not only was I intrigued in the job, but a light turned on – ‘what are you doing still trying to work for others, Lisz, that has never worked out for you. It’s time to start your own social service, but this time follow through!’ The idea came in bits and pieces, cultivated from different experiences and ideas over a span of 4 years. I had been trying to find a way to help those who struggle making connections with others and themselves into some type of scalable service, without needing any type of degree or expensive certification. Writing and social work were my best options, but I knew that writing a book or blog alone wasn’t going to do it. Imposter syndrome inhibited me for YEARS, up until 2020 when the world came crashing down along with several of my fears. I was older, wiser, and now saw an even more desperate plea from guys online for a much needed service like this. I told my friends Angela and Shabana about the Upwork ad I saw, and about the service I wanted to start helping people connect better with themselves and each other. We kept talking, and eventually arrived at the idea for a Trinity Social Consulting Agency. An agency that helps men improve their social skills through a unique process including media, humor, and the insight of three unique women.

Taking our combined professional skills developed in customer service, the medical field, independent study, and teaching and infusing it with some goofy razzle dazzle inspired by vintage Vern Fonk commercials, we hope to provide inner and outer makeovers to men online everywhere.”