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Lisz Broszé

Hypnotist, Life Coach, Social Consultant and Founder of Trinity Social Consulting.


Lisz has worked in numerous fields – hospitality, entertainment, medical, marketing, and more – but her main interest has always been the Social Sciences: finding root causes of today’s social malaise, and innovating unique solutions.

“Regardless of where I’ve lived, where I’ve worked, and what demographics I’ve been surrounded by, I’ve come to the same conclusions time and time again:


People have a difficult time connecting with others, because they can’t first connect with themselves.

Finding your “reason for being” has so much to do with how comfortable you are in your own skin, and thus helping you form better, healthier relationships with others.”

With her master skills of listening, observing, and reading between the lines, Lisz has a very unique plan of action to help you replace that malware that holds you back, and replace it with software that is sure to help you interact better with yourself, and others. This plan involves a very integrative and holistic approach to ensure total assimilation of your new healthy habits. Lisz and her team believe in personalized plans over standardized care, and aim for cures, not customers. 


“What most people don’t know is that 90% of our behaviors are unconscious. Meaning most people, if not everyone, are not able to see what toxic loops they get stuck in. These toxic loops are bigger blocks than people realize, and when left unchecked long enough, inevitably drive us to states of total delusion. Often these loops act like security blankets; People get severely attached and invested in these habits, because their ego has tricked them into believing they need them to survive. We’re all guilty of it to some extent, but some more so for others. If you’re constantly struggling socially and don’t know why, a toxic loop is most likely to blame. I know how to find these loops, and replace them with better modes of operation.”