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Angela Petrucci

Life Coach, Dating Coach, Teacher and Music Director


Angela has been actively involved in many non-profits and community organizations. Holding a BA in Music Performance, she is an active musician and is particularly passionate about music and arts education. Being someone who often works with large groups of diverse people (both children and adults), she has developed a keen understanding that everyone comes from a different background, has unique life experiences, and wants to be accepted, listened to, and understood.

Through her 5 years of experience as a music teacher, she has learned the importance of listening, understanding, and then responding/giving feedback (which sometimes may include some tough-love) in a way that is appropriate for that person in their season of life and their situation. Angela often likes to approach things with a sense of humor, joy, and enthusiasm. She thrives on deep, meaningful connections and relationships that are built on trust and loyalty. Her friends often feel safe opening up to her and very often describe her as “honest without being judgmental”.

Angela’s experience with online dating began in 2012 after joining “OKCupid” and since then being on-and-off dating sites and apps for the next 8 years. Throughout these years of experience, she has gained an understanding for how challenging it can be to meet people and actually build a deep and meaningful connections, even for someone as gregarious and spirited as herself!

Through her own experiences and observations, as well as information gathered from men and women who were also actively dating and involved in these dating sites and apps, she has realized many factors and common denominators that go into the success of building a good profile, building a strong connection, and then building a successful and healthy relationship. After seeing so many people going through such similar struggles, Angela decided that she wanted to be part of the social solution!